the messenger god

Top row: Fendi; Bottom row: Hermes

I love a bag you can sling. It feels so easy, so carefree, and it adds such a nonchalant flair to an outfit.

To not go into too long a lament, such a bag - the perfect one - is hard to find, especially large, functional ones. They either look too stiff, too sporty, or the shape is all wrong for slinging. I have a number of smaller ones that are just fine for heading out on a weekend, but I have failed for years to spot the perfect one for work.

The four bags above are total lust, and total investments. I'm a bag person but I've never really been too into designer bags (well, Hermes is an exception) but these making my heart patter faster. They look like bags I will love and use to death, because they look like they're going to fit so easily into my everyday life. Sadly, I don't have the US$8,600 or so lying around to buy the Hermes one (in leather), and I'm pretty sure the Fendi is out of my price range. Such is the life of a middle-class working girl...

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Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.
enc said…
I wonder if the Herm├Ęs will end up on eBay?
These are lovely and messenger bags are my first loves. It must be the sloping shoulders: everything else slides off!
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