it's over? already?

So Marco Zanini has left Halston. A pity, because I thought his collection showed so much promise - there was a richness and quiet beauty that seemed special to me. I didn't love all the things in his debut fall collection, but it's the sort of thing you marked in your head to keep a look out for. Some of the comments on Cathy Horyn's On The Runway blog suggested that Halston needs a star designer like Tom Ford to take over, but I disagree. Tom Ford, like Halston himself, cultivated an aura of glamour, which while alluring in its way, seems slightly passe to me. It's a mistake to try and recall the magic of a moment that has passed. Mr Zanini was looking to a future of a simpler (but not BORING) glamour, but his vision didn't seem to be appreciated. Here's hoping his talents don't go unappreciated wherever he goes next...

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enc said…
Z's tenure was too short. I wonder what will happen next, both with Z and with Halston?

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