bring me the minnetonkas!

They've been rocked by Lulu of Everybody is Ugly, Rumi of Fashiontoast, and Betty of Le Blog de Betty recently gushed over getting her hands on a pair. And she looked fabulous -

I'm talking about her Minnetonka fringed boots! I crave something the less dramatic (and more practical in out shite weather) ankle version -

Whenever I get dressed lately, the thought
"Oh these might look cool with Minnetonkas" occurs to me. More and more so, I've been trying to expand my flat-shoe vocabulary and I think it's a worthy quest to track down every single chic citizen of the flat-shoe universe to add the occasional zing to my flat-shoe diet.

Since I don't know of any Minnetonka stockists locally, I might have to gather my courage to go for episode #2 of the online shopping experience...

Picture of Betty from; picture of Minnetonkas from


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