the year of magical thinking

I just sped through the final installment of the Harry Potter series ( a most satisfying read) and caught the latest Potter flick last weekend, and through it all, I've been thinking, offhanded, how to outfit that Dark Lord-worshipping sadistic nutcase extraordinaire Bellatrix Lestrange. I think Helena Bonham Carter said somewhere that she wanted her to look raw-edged and sexy at the same time, and I agree that she looks pretty fierce in the movie (the scene of her laughing at Azkaban gives me the chills). However, once she cleans up a bit, hopefully she might pay a bit of attention to some of these looks from an Italian Vogue shoot (Miles Aldridge, April 2006). Ms Carter will no doubt kick way more ass than the tepid models in this shoot, and the clothes are exactly the sort of thing that a magical villain ought to have in her wardrobe. (Setting the clothes in a dusty library just adds to the effect).


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