This is another resort post - I love resort collections because it's full of stuff I really want to wear, stuff that gets me excited about shopping, and it's stuff I can relate to - it's clothes perfect for a summer-only climate like ours. It's when designers distill ideas into clothes, and frankly, that's what what consumerist types like me get all.

One thing I noticed about resort collections is how some of them seem to offer a complete wardrobe of wearable stuff in one collection - we're talking about basically clothes for day, for the evening, for weekends. I'm seeing entire collections I can live in, one for each personality. Let's start with my favourite, the Helmut Lang collection by Michael and Nicole Covolos. It's almost entirely in white, my favourite (non) colour, and the two trouser suits shown were definitely a compelling argument for buying a pantsuit - they were worn as easily as a pair of jeans.

These guys (along with Narciso Rodriguez) are doing a great job keeping the minimalism flag flying high - I like this stuff way better than say, Calvin Klein. And it's edgy but soft and not at all ostentatious. The highlight for me was the shirtdress - that's exactly how I want a shirtdress to look, and if I track it down here in Singapore, I'm prepared to lay down my last scraps of cash for it (provided it fits). And now that Helmut Lang is priced like a contemporary line, that's not even as deluded a statement as it could have been.

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