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I was actually getting a bit of print fatigue - it's impossible to walk into any shop without seeing spots after a while - prints were everywhere in the spring/summer collections. The worst thing is, I NEVER managed to find a single print that I liked. I go for solid blocks of colour most of the time, but I have a little thing for nostalgic-looking florals, and I like mixed graphic prints, like circles mixed with box checks (done just right of course) but I am impossibly picky so these items reside strictly in the realm of my imagination. So I was mighty pleased looking through the resort collections, because scattered here and there, there were quite a few excellent prints to be found.

Prada wins hands-down for the cool, slightly frumpy florals -

On a prim dress (I LOVE a prim dress) it's practically my dream come true. I so covet the black one.

Louis Vuitton did great printed chiffons (I love printed chiffon, especially when slightly sheer) and the black and white caftan - such a good example of a mixed print - is really ringing my bells -

This Balenciaga also mixes my thing for prints in sheer chiffons, and I like the way the print is kind of prim, but it's done it graphic black and white and the shape of the dress is sharp and modern and more aggressive -

And finally, I find my perfect abstract print in the form of this YSL; it's the perfect little dress for summer but it doesn't scream warm-weather, a good pair of tights ought to translate it into fall nicely -

Now comes the impossible task of finding something WITHIN my budget. Hah.

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