give me givenchy

Well, it proves that it does pay off to give a young talent some time to find his way before brutally replacing him - the latest Givenchy couture collection by Riccardo Tisci provided a fresh point of view at couture - a bit of edge, and lean, modern tailoring. For once his clothes were not too overwrought or heavy with references and meaning - I think he might have finally learnt the meaning of a light touch.
The nude peplum jackets paired with feathered skirts looked both classic and modern -
I especially liked this pair of jackets -
If you ignored the slightly diseased looking leopard tights, this suit and coat are fabulous in that wild, but elegant way -
His evening dresses were dramatic, beautifully draped and wrapped, and best of all, still light and almost breezy -
There were some odd notes in the show - I really didn't understand what a grey dress with yellow straps had to do with the whole show - and Mr Tisci seems to be channelling Alexander McQueen's early work (others say Montana and Mugler) but all the same, I think it's great that all that promise he showed is finally working out into something quite lovely.
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