girl, interrupted

I didn't care very much for the movie nor the book, but aesthetically speaking, this Italian Vogue editorial (by Steven Meisel, July 2007) of girly nonsense and playfulness speaks to me - if you've been to a all-girls sleepover/chalet/camp/school you'll sort of understand what sort of over-energetic but unfocussed girls I;m talking about. I skipped pass most of the starlet-sans-underwear inspired shots but they are interspersed through the editorial, and shot in a jarringly different light and feel, which makes you sort of wonder what kind of commentary we're talking about here. The girls here aren't homogenous either - there are shots of the gorgeously arresting Sasha Pivovarova (with a gaze like that you don't even need to pose) looking haunting, the kind of angsty and fragile but cerebral girl bound to kill herself; there's Missy Rayder doing the trashy self-destructive starlet thing; there's a femme fatale type in the form of Guinevere. There's also lots of Prada and other lovely things from the fall collections. A most excellent shoot.


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