convo, baby!

A friend of time told me bought a tie and a pair of shoes for convocation over the weekend, because he "needed" them. Just last weekend, another friend was on a quest for the perfect white shirt and pencil skirt, also for convocation.

Worried, I examined my closet. I don't own a proper long-sleeved shirt with a colour. I own exactly two white shirts. One is a scarf-neck billowing Doo.ri for Gap creation. The scarf will not fit under my robes without looking like I deliberately stuffed my chest for posterity.

The other is an exuberantly ruffled elbow-sleeved shirt that I thought would work fine , until I realised the damned ruffles looked strange poking out at the top of the robes.

But I can't bring myself to buy a proper polite shirt, even though I think a classic one looks very sharp and chic. For one thing, I've never liked the look of a shirt on me - I always look too broad, the sleeves too short, the collar "funny", the shirt too loose/tight at the waist, the length too short, the material too thin/thick, the white not quite the right hue.

And the there's the issue of actually wearing them - I avoid long-sleeved things in general because it's always too damn hot around here. I cannot take hot. It gives me a headache, it makes me sticky and itchy and irritable. So why buy something I'd never wear, I reason.

I like buying stuff for a specific occasion even less - I hate the idea of buying something to wear just once. The things I've bought and worn just once offend me when I see it - it's such a reproach. It feels wrong to me when I don't wear something to death.

So I think I'll wear the one classic-cut shirt I own - it's got a beautiful antique-looking floral print, and it happens to go with my maroon convocation hood. And my only pair of non-denim trousers: a pair of skinny black pants.

Actually I think since we're all covered up under that noxious robe, the key is to have killer shoes. I think these Luellas would look quite good with my outfit -

(I wish someone would tell me where to find a pair of these for under $200! My cheapo pointy sneakers from Far East are a cute approximation, but just not dandy-ish enough.)

If I were the heel-wearing type, I'll definitely wear a skirt so that I show off these -

Chanel/Marc Jacobs/Lanvin

Thinking about convo is rather amusing after all...

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