getaway prop #1

So I read in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows about Hermione's little beaded evening purse which could fit ANYTHING, including the portrait of Phineas Nigellus hanging at Grimmauld Place, and boy, I was envious. But I wouldn't pick a little evening purse to carry my getaway loot (and I would have packed some food Hermione. Some Meiji crackers would be nice; they keep for a long time), it sounds too fragile and not very handy to tote around - I'm thinking of seams tearing and straps breaking and beads falling off. If you had asked me Hermoine, I would have nudged you in the direction of this sturdy and chic Miu Miu tote, which would have gone very nicely with the robes you were wearing at the time, or with the jeans and sweater you might have donned while on the run, or, should you have to attire yourself in a pleat skirt and knee socks at Hogwarts again (unlikely, but still), the schoolgirl-look of the bag would have matched very well indeed. Throw on a long shoulder strap and you would have been able to sling it handily across your body and keep your hands free to use your wand and throw curses over your shoulder. But what is done is done, so if you prefer to stick to your evening purse, I'll very gladly keep the bag for myself indeed.

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Candid Cool said…
That is one beautiful purse. By the way, I really like the title of the blog, clever.

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