summer days: seaside in the city


I've loved sports and spending time outside all my life, and I'm always drawn to clothes with an outdoorsy motif, while still looking perfectly appropriate for an urban setting. Here are some of my favourite things that echo a bit of that homespun vibe I posted about a little while back, and remind me of spending time by the sea, measuring time by the position of the sun.


This for me means stripes, a touch of the espadrille without actually having to wear espadrilles, my favourite woven belt on my favourite khaki shorts, and little palm trees on my useful little cardholder holding my travel and office passes.

And here's me, gleefully wearing all of them. Bit overkill, doing so many posts of my outfits recently, but sometimes, I feel like I have to demonstrate what I mean. This is quite a typical weekend outfit for me - swapping my usual jeans for some shorts, while the top half is mostly unchanged from what I wear on weekdays.



the shoes are so cute
Lindsay K said…
Lovely outfit. It looks so cool and crisp. I LOVE the shoes. I have been contemplating a similar pair all season.
Austere said…
I really like the shorts and wallet. This is such a perfect summery outfit, and the wallet is really cute to boot.
Amanda said…
Hah, I'll chime in say that I love those shoes as well. The compliment the whole neutral summer outfit so well. And that Cartier somehow seems to bring everything together. Very lovely.
Chuck said…
Ooh, those are great shoes. I love espadrilles but they are not very hardy. These look like a slightly more sturdy but still summery alternative. I'd love an Amanda Wachob tatt too but she is NY based... Boo.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I don't usually like canvas shoes, but I had one of those moments where you can't bring yourself to take something off after trying it on. I also have a tendency to smile at them. They're more comfortable than I expected too.

Lindsay K: Thanks! As for the shoes, I love them because I'm a sucker for a preppy vibe. Also, I wore shoes like this in school when I was a kid and plain white canvas shoes was part of the school uniform. I like the idea of a style that a six-year-old and sixty-year-old can pull off in equal measure.

Austere: Thanks! I admit the cardholder was totally unnecessary and I was having an instant gratification moment, but at least I use it every day, haha.

Amanda: Thanks! And you're right, a well-chosen watch does do a little more for my casual style.

Chuck: These are pretty good for walking around - the next best thing to a sneaker. And yes, an Amanda Wachob tattoo is so distant for me too.
miss sophie said…
very airy and chic! i had a pair of TOMs that i loved for a similar sporty summery look, but sadly the canvas fabric is no match for NYC sidewalks. by the way, i think we have the same braided belt...from uniqlo? :)
lin said…
miss sophie: That's a same. My mother loves TOMs, because they are so comfortable to walk in.

My belt is from Muji, but yes, I have seen belts like that at Uniqlo as well. Something the Japanese do well I suppose!
Mari said…
Such a perfect summer outfit.

La Copine

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