US Vogue November 2007, via gens du mode

This was posted on Muoti Mielessä today, and I thought it was worth reblogging, given what S, and Amanda have been blogging about of late. I still have this issue of US Vogue, and if anyone wants the full read, I can try and take a really good pict and post it, or type it up.

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Anonymous said…
I remember that article. I think I liked that lead-in large font best - the sentiment expressed there summed it up for me.
miss sophie said…
ooh i've seen that article reblogged before. thanks for posting it - could you post the entire article? i've only seen the first page.

love that she has a striped shirt on that slim rack of clothes. :)
Ammu said…
I loved this story when I read it - Mark Holgate is such a good writer. And here is a link for those who are interested (so you don't have to type it out)

This sums up how I feel - "She is, in fact, one of a growing number of women who have gladly gotten off the shopping merry-go-round of Always Something New and prefer to live with what they have unless something truly extraordinary and/or useful crosses their path."

Words to live and dress by!
Kate said…
A great article, but what surprises me most is the lack of interest in individuality. I think a lot of people over-consume because of a desire to always look new and different, whereas being happy with looking tidy and neutral is fuelled by personality rather than money. I always find it refreshing, but it's what I struggle with the most.
Ginta said…
Oh, I have that page saved also!
Amanda said…
I know the article is about having a parred down wardrobe, but all I can think about is that gorgeous Birkin bag.
S said…
Ah yes, I remember reading this article when the issue came out as well. At the time, it made me very curious about the idea of a uniform. Now I do have to wonder how someone ends up with 6 navy blazers!
ACC said…
Great article. Gotta agree with Kate above - a sense of satisfaction with a simple, streamlined wardrobe doesn't square with some personalities. Still, I see something to aspire to in Aleksandra, as my comfort zone is on the less-is-more side.
a cleaner closet
lin said…
editor: I guess that headline captured best a sentiment a lot of people share, each with their personal reasons.

miss sophie: striped shirts are really the best print for people who don't wear prints otherwise, I feel.

ammu: agree about Mark Holgate; don't always agree with the points he makes but he pens it down so well anyway.

and thanks for the link! i'm afraid i was going to take rather long to sit down and type.

kate: for me, the things worth striving for always require some struggle. the individuality thing is a good point. i personally feel individuality can be expressed through more than just clothing, and you can dress with individual flair without constantly needing new things...what do you think?

ginta: good move! i dug out my copy to read it and some parts really resonated.

amanda: hahahaha. i suppose the birkin bag is meant as something to aspire to in lieu of an exploding wardrobe. it's like, 'who needs more when you have this'.

S: A lifetime of shopping probably means you end up with a bunch of stuff. For example, I have four blue shirts, and I dont know how to happened. and three of my cardigans are grey. Haha. I also have 9 pairs of jeans. Things I wear frequently, I allow myself variation, so long as they are truly well-deserved ones.

acc: i suppose the article speaks more to converts or those inclined this was truly a refreshing read coming from a magazine as commercial as US Vogue.
How funny! That article has really stuck in my head since I read it back in 2007. I really loved the idea of having a "uniform" and it's helped shape my wardrobe to where it is today. Now I really want to re-read it! *runs off to dig through boxes of Vogue archives*
Lindsay K said…
Such a refreshing and inspirational read. I remember reading this in Vogue. Full disclosure I keep my US and Paris Vogues.

I think it sums up my views on shopping. If I add an item it has to be something useful or an extra special piece.
Anonymous said…
So interesting, or the first page was since the link don't work for me... Is it possible for you to scan the other page? Thank you
Anonymous said…
I accidentally recycled this issue when I moved years ago, and forgot to cut this article out. I have been thinking about it and looking for it since. I can't tell you how happy finding it here makes me! Thank you!

- Olivia

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