the opposite of dissatisfaction

Photograph: T Magazine

I love how complete this photo of Margaret Howell* in her East Anglia retreat is: the warm afterglow of having just eaten satisfactorily and in no hurry to clear the remains from the generous table, with plenty left for later, the soft light that seems to suggest time isn't rushing anywhere, her comfortable yet engaged posture, suggesting that she is concentrating on a fulfilling task, surrounded by simple, well-chosen art and design that tickles the mind, the promise of fresh air outside, completely at ease in her own space, asking for nothing more.

I aspire to this feeling of "completeness", of self-sufficiency - that feeling of contentment, of feeling that you have met your exacting demands, and everything is what it should be. Someone else will be walking into this room, or perhaps she will be leaving it in a moment to attend to something else, possibly mundane, possibly thrilling, but there will be this feeling, this moment to look back to, where there was harmony and freedom from anxiety, want, or need.

* - The whole photo essay is a pleasure for the senses. Click on the link below if you haven't seen it.

Picture from nytimes


Joy said…
I so agree with you. Maybe hopefully I can feel so zen after my midterm. Thanks for a great pick me up for my study break!
editor said…
You summed it all up poetically.
miss sophie said…
what a wonderful and inspiring photo and post. i've been feeling that way myself lately. :)
Vasilisa said…
Thank you for your inspiring blog!

I absolutelty agree with you, I have also notuced what attracts me so much in her designs is an element of completeness and self-sufficiency, like they would be designed for women who know what they want so confidenly that they are never excessive. I actually use MH as some kind of visual- philosophical reference, I wish I could rearch such focused calmness someday :)
A said…
What a beautifully-written second paragraph.
lin said…
Joy: Yes this picture does feel restful. And I hope your studying is coming along well!

editor: Thanks. Trying to do it justice.

miss sophie: Thanks. I've been feeling hounded by work lately, so I've been yearning to feel this peaceful.

Vasilisa: Thanks, and your description of Margaret Howell says it all about how I feel about her to. I don't own any of her clothes but I find the spirit of her things very inspiring.

A: Thank you!
Kate said…
I love Howell. I'm moving into a new flat in a month and I'm hoping that once I'm there I'll get all the warm light and tranquility I've been missing in communal living. Lovely post.
lin said…
Kate: I hope your move will be a smooth one, and your new flat is what you hope for! I love Margeret Howell too and hope I will find my "thing" the way she seems to have.
Lindsay K said…
Thank you for posting this. It reminds me to take time to enjoy the little things and relax. Everything about this photo looks peaceful.

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