putting away the jeans for a moment

Photographer: Vanessa Jackman

In honour of the heat, I've giving my jeans a rest and finally giving my much neglected dresses their day in the sun. I'm taking advantage of my casual office rules to wear my Keds and driving shoes with simple, short shifts.

If I weren't recovering from a hideous broken toe nail from running, I would wear flat sandals too.

Photographer: Scott Schuman

It's been a while and I've forgotten the charms of wearing a dress and feeling the hems kick in a flirty way.

Pictures from the sartorialist here and here, vanessa jackman


Anonymous said…
Love the last outfit! I also like wearing dresses and skirts in summer, here in the UK we have been very lucky to have great weather (till today;) and indeed jeans were put to rest for now:) Write more please, love your blog! domi
love the first!

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Lindsay K said…
Laurel Pantin! She always looks so comfy but also very chic. Theseoutfits are perfect for the heat and humitity.
S said…
such lovely summer picks! I really like the combination of olive with white shoes that you see in the first picture. I'm still on a dress ban, but I can't imagine anything simpler than wearing a dress in hot and humid weather.
yanqin said…
Domi: Thanks! I will try, but sometimes work is just too much. I love that last look too, so easy and chic, and I would love to have those sandals.

Elena: Yes, she looks lovely in that shot.

Lindsay K: I had no idea what her name was until you mentioned it. It was only putting this post together that made wonder if the same girl was in the two photos. I agree she looks comfy and chic - which I always aspire to!

S: I've been forcing myself to not buy dresses too - so far so good. I'm just enjoying my existing ones which are so unworn that they feel new anyway...

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