The Van Gogh Alive exhibit, at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. You can read more about it here. His paintings were scanned and projected as videos on giant screens, with music playing, interpersed with photographs of his family and his inspiration. It was an immersive way of experiencing works we may have seen before, or find familiar - sometimes the enture screen is just filled with his brushstrokes. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to rove around the exhibition on Saturday after hours, feeling like I had the whole place to myself.

What was the occasion? It was a party to mark the close of ScreenSingapore, a film festival. I was the guest of a friend, and we were both infinitely more excited about being at the museum for the first time (it opened recently), and feeling like the works were only on show for us, than we were about the actual soirée. There is also a terrific Salvador Dali exhibit going on, and we skipped the fashion show to linger over the exhibition, generally having a ball of a time because when you are the only people there, there's no need for the usual hushed tip-toeing at a museum or gallery.

Anyway, my outfit.


I hurriedly snapped this on Saturday morning while the light was good, before I changed out of it to do, you know, normal things. The jacket is far better looking than it appears in the photo - single-button, nice drape, slim lapels. At the event, I did the fashion thing of draping the jacket over my shoulders, just for fun. I felt thoroughly comfortable in a sea of gowns and cocktail dresses, and consequently, it was easy to be sociable, and do all the professional things expected of you at such functions. It felt right.


That's an interesting way to showcase painting, much more exciting than just staring at a painting mounted on a wall. You look PERFECT.
Kate said…
To echo Pret a Porter P, you do look absolutely perfect. Wonderful outfit choice. That looks like a wonderful exhibition! I love art but I think it should be more interactive - I always want to run my fingers over the paintings and feel the brush texture.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: The exhibition was great, sort of like being in aquarium, if that makes sense. And thanks!

Kate: Thanks! I was terribly dressed up by my standards and that usually makes me feel shifty but it was nice to feel totally at ease. The exhibition is supposed to go on tour, perhaps it will make it somewhere near you.
Lindsay K said…
This exhibit looks amazing. What a unique way to experience art that we're familiar with. I'm glad that you had a great time. There's something very fun about being in a museum when it's closed. You look perfect. Very art girl chic. I love the drape of the jacket and pants- gorgeous.
Madelene said…
Wow wish I could go to the exhibition, looks special.
Nanashi said…
really really love your outfit!! the drape on the pants are just so perfect. The leopard print shoes adds a nice touch, too.
son said…
the outfit looks just fab for a private viewing night & i like how you've accessorised it with the necklace (any chance of a close up?) and leopard print shoes. is that jacket from the upmarket giordano label, the name of which i forget?
miss sophie said…
you look great!! such an elegant line to the jacket and pants - and what shoes are you wearing?

it's so cool to re-envision the work of VG on pixelized screens. what a lovely event :)
Amanda said…
You look fabulous! I wish I could see what you did with your hair. Looks like you gave Kirsten's tux outfit a run for her money.
Samantha said…
You must have really stood out (in a good way) in a sea of gowns! I bet you made quite a few heads turn.

I usually hate art events in Singapore. For the opening nights of exhibitions etc people are clearly there to 'see and be seen' which is really quite depressing. However, this exhibition looks really great, wish I'm in Singapore to visit it! I do love how Singapore's art scene is slowly but surely developing. If only we can say the same of the censorship of art...
lin said…
Lindsay K: Thanks! I actually look forward to more exhibits like this, reminds me of the Google Art project. Impressionism and neo-impressionism would lend itself to it very well, dont you think?

Madelene: I would love to see Monets like this.

son: Thank you! I will definitely snap a pict of the necklace, it was my aunt's, she cleared out her costime jewellery for us this year and they are really cool.

miss sophie: I borrowed my sister's Zara heels - they were so comfortable, although as usual, my toes felt squished by the end of the night. I posted abt them here.

Amanda: Thanks, I'm super flattered.! My hair is cropped short, and I didn't do anything special to it. I'm quite unimaginative when it comes to hair, pretty much a wash and go person.

Samantha: I don't go to much events in Singapore - went for some fashion week stuff a few years ago and it was pretty boring, for me at least. I think Singapore's art scene depends a lot of whether the audience is appreciative as well - if the response is good, then I think we'll see better quality of art shown etc etc.

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