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Fancy dress time. Going to a charity dinner as a guest of a friend. Apart from the opportunity to check out the latest museum in Singapore , the ArtScience Museum, I think I accepted partly because I was looking forward to the thought of dressing up, and wearing some of the things in my closet that don't get much airing because of the lack of occasion.

Still, I belong to the school of preferring to be underdressed than over-dressed, even when I'm dressing up (that last sentence might not make sense on first reading).

I'm partial to an ivory Vanessa Bruno dress because I love it but don't wear it often. But I've also been boying with the idea of borrowing my sister's awesome black jacket and wearing them with my grey crepe trousers, with a simple black satin tank underneath and one of the kick-ass gold necklaces our aunt gave us in February. I'm not quite Lou Doillon in Tom Ford, but I think I should be passably presentable.

Besides, if tuxedo jackets are cool enough for Freja Beha, Lou Doillon and Emmanuelle Alt for Paris Vogue's 90th anniversay party (not to mention men in general), it's good enough for my dinner.

Picture from i can teach you how to do it


miss sophie said…
both your ivory dress and the tux jacket sound lovely - you could even wear them together! i agree - le smoking is my favorite go-to for an easy chic evening out. let us know what you end up wearing!
Lindsay K said…
"I belong to the school of preferring to be underdressed than over-dressed, even when I'm dressing up" makes perfect sense. There's something really nice about being understated.You can't go wrong with either option, but I do love a le smoking jacket for evening. It always looks classic and so chic.
hannah-rose said…
suit up!! that's what I always do when the dress code requires dressing up. it's the best damn thing, and you end up looking better than the boys because you look sexier. win win!

viva le smoking!
lin said…
miss sophie: I considered that haha, but the dress is nicest worn on its own, in my opinion. I wish I had a proper tux jacket actually, I love your rag and bone one!

Lindsay K: I'm glad you see my point :) I agree about a classic Le Smoking - don't need the whole suit, the jacket will do.

hannah-rose: I also love the idea that you can wear it over and over with some variation but without needing a whole new outfit every time.

pret a porter: If I had a velvet one like yours... ;)
Kate said…
I was very close to buying a Zara tuxedo for my graduation ball - it looked so cool. Suit up!
Garderoben said…
I agree, I love the tux look. I don't have one, still haven't found one that suits me.
probably a simple wool one is the most versatile, I very rarely get to wear either of my velvet jackets. I like Lou's velvet lapels a lot.

-ps. on an unrelated note, I know your minimalist on the accessories, but this pic reminded me of you.
lin said…
Kate, Garderoben: Looks like it's everyone's favourite choice, haha.

Pret a Porter P: I like the velvet lapels too, but I think I'd prefer slimmer ones.

Love that picture, you're spot-on. It's not that I don't like the way an armful of bracelets look, but they do clatter in the table when I type (and I type a lot for work) and I end up taking them off anyway.

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