phoebe, leelee, and kiki approve

philo-tommy ton
leelee-tommy ton
Photographers (from top): Tommy Ton for, Getty Images

Slipping on a jacket and trousers for a glittering night out is obviously a more popular idea than I'd expected, going by how many of you liked the idea in your comments to my previous post, and well, some of the chic attendees of the CFDA awards. I like Phoebe Philo's shirt cuffs, Leelee Sobieski's Lauren Hutton-ish vibe, and the fit of Kirsten Dunst's suit (alas, not the shininess of her beautifully slim lapels).

I'm warming to the idea, but I think ultimately I'm going with whatever my mood is for the day.

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Kate said…
I think the best-dressed people always look comfortable, so definitely go with what you feel like wearing. This is why I rarely leave the house in anything other than jeans! Lovely pictures - I particularly like that pale suit.
Amanda said…
Not usually a fan of Kirsten, but man does she look hot. I would sub out that button down for a sexier tank though. She looks a little like a flight attendant.
Lindsay K said…
I like the idea of wearing whatever suits your mood that day. Especially when you have two excellent choices. Such inspirational images. I do agree about Kirsten's lapels.
miss sophie said…
le smoking all the way! i'm not naturally a dress/skirt person when it comes to fancy nights out. i think i'm just more comfortable and confident when i don't have to worry about hem lines!
son said…
i really liked the tux idea, but it's always good to have a few options set up for the day - the number of times I've changed my mind+mood, or something doesn't feel right at the last instant! do tell us what you ultimately wear on the night
lin said…
Kate: Comfort is so important - I have never believed you must "suffer to be beautiful".

Amanda: I was thinking I would look like a waitress in a button-down under a black jacket, haha.

Lindsay K: I think Tommy Ton did such a great job of capturing the red carpet moments.

miss sophie: My dresses all end up being my special occasion items because I so rarely wear them and I can't bear to seem them neglected.

son: Agree, I'm terrible at outfit planning.

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