I really like it when things I've been eyeing unexpectedly go on sale. My goal to buy 10 items this year has definitely been scuppered, but there is always next year...

Unfortunately, one of my sale buys was kind of a bust.

I had been admiring this A.P.C. Madras sweater on ASOS, but was not prepared to fork out GBP175 for it. Then I chanced upon it on Urbanoutfitters reduced to US$99 from US$250, and it seemed like a sign - after all, I never shop on UO and it was pure chance that I encountered it.


I knew it was trouble when I unwrapped the package and my hand touched an alarmingly warm, soft, dense pile of fabric. The sweater was described as 97% cotton terry (3% elastane) so I had optimistically assumed it would be like one of my light cotton terry sweaters - quite wearable in the tropics.

Nope, this was dense, weighty stuff, rather a little too warm for the climate. I loved the way it looked when I tried it on, but a tiny part of me wilted, knowing it was a little too heavy.

I'm debating whether to return it, or simply give it a try for a while, since the math after all the shipping fees just doesn't work out. Not to mention the hideous carbon footprint of flying a sweater back to the US - bad enough shipping it here already.

Perhaps I can just sell it off later if I decide I'm not getting much wear. Or if any one of you is a France 40/UK 12/US 8 and needs a sweater, I have a lovely one (size large) for sale...

Happily, my other sale buys are a bit more of a success. The A.P.C. shirt is fantastic - the fabric is a crisp cotton gauze, not too thin, not too thick, the print playful in a subdued way, and the finishing is good. I think A.P.C. workmanship is sometimes underwhelming for what you pay but in this instance I was 100% satisfied. I can't wait to wear it.

I bought the Tory Burch flats from the Outnet on Monday. My sister has a pair of those and I found them very comfortable, except for the elasticised heel, which took a while to get used to. At GBP70, they are a very good buy - full-price would have been another story, for what it is.

(I have to say, of the three, the Outnet shipping is the best - superfast, clothes securely packed - although all three soundly beat ASOS.)

Pictures from asos, la garconne


Amanda said…
I've been debating about getting that sweatshirt. Thanks for the review. Sorry it didn't work out, but the shirt looks like it'll be a nice pairing for your well-kept wide jeans :-)
Kate said…
I love that APC shirt, the pattern is so subtle and sweet. My visions of buying few items are also gone, but at least we're buying good quality.
A├»ssa said…
I don't remember seeing the APC shirt in stores and it's lovely! A bit retro as always with the brand and I guess it accounts a lot for my attraction to their products.
Can't wait to see how you'll wear it.

Sales start next week in France... I have a few things in mind though I've already satisfied most of my fashion cravings.
lin said…
Amanda: It is very cute, and it's quite reasonable after the discount....full-price, I would find it not worth it. Yes, at least the shirt cheers me up.

Kate: I agree, some of the things I bought have allowed me to retire older, poorer quality stuff that I was only half-satisfied with.

Aissa: I think the shirt had been on La Garconne for a long time, it was marked down since earlier this year? It's gone now though....

I remember in France I had to struggle to decide if I should buy at the sales right away, or wait for further mark downs.
hannah-rose said…
everybody is shopping!!! why why why!! i have to save for my trip, although i'm excited to shop when i'm in paris.. that is of course a good trade off. tory burch flats always remind me of new york, all the girls at my school used to wear them and carry longchamp pliage totes as school bags haha. very cute and just the right side of preppy!

Anonymous said…
I love that A.P.C blouse. I have been eyeing it off to and am happy to hear it is a welcome addition to your wardrobe!
lin said…
RA: I'm glad I bought it, it's really something I already see myself wearing often and it breaks the monotony of my largely print-free wardrobe of tops.
Garderoben said…
I also love the A.P.C shirt! Such a great colour and the print is just lovely!
miss sophie said…
ha! ASOS shipping is the worst. :P my rule of thumb is to usually return something if i have second thoughts about it. it usually sits unworn in spite of my intentions to overcome my reservations.

however, if you're intent on keeping it, it could serve as a throwover travel shirt of some sort when you're flying abroad, and in colder climates?

love the other APC shirt. the print is vintagey and sweet. :) and those TB flats are everywhere in NYC!
lin said…
Hannah-rose: I use the Longchamp Pliage bags too, though now I use mainly the messenger version - I've always been suckered in by preppy looks.

You'll find fabulous things in Paris I'm sure, I wished I could be there during their sales, and in summer too....I'm unlikely to find clothing I can wear in Singapore when I head over there in fall.

garderoben: I'm really excited to start wearing it! It's one of those things I think I won't tire of wearing.

miss sophie: If I return it, I would have spent something like US$60 altogether on shipping, which doesn't make sense, especially since the sweater wasn't expensive. If I want to get my money back I'm better off selling it here. It will come in handy when I travel but that wasn;t my intention, sigh.

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