summer days: colour

Photographer: Tommy Ton for

When it gets hot, layering is out of the question. I like wearing lots of white and cream, but I think wearing colour is part of being a native of the tropics. And wearing a single shot of a bright colour is a simple, minimal way of creating impact without fussing with too many layers. The idea is to create a graphic punch.

Photographer: (from top) Vanessa Jackman, Scott Schuman

It doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of reaching for one my usual white t-shirts, I throw a a mustard-yellow T-shirt, and it's still jeans and t-shirt me, but the sunny version. love to find one in the perfect shade of turquoise, just like one I had when I was a kid, but no luck.

If you're someone like me who's more likely to get excited about different shades of grey and cream, there are some easy colours to start with. Any shade of blue but navy is a good choice for the colour-averse. Breton-stripe lovers can try a t-shirt in navy and red stripes. Mustard yellow is another colour that is bright without being scary. I also love blush pink, which is like wearing off-white, but a little more romantic. I like grass green as well.

Happy weekend!

Pictures from, the sartorialist, vanessa jackman


hannah-rose said…
i always feel like wearing colour in summer. i feel like stefano pilati in the september issue "i never feel for colour in winter.. is my mood... i wear blue navy!" haha. and anna wintour just being like "a lot of black, stefano". hahahaha. :)

miss sophie said…
for me, it's fuschia all the way in the summer :)
lin said…
Hannah-rose: That was a great moment, yes...and incidentally, I loved that collection. Colour is definitely an occasional thing rather than a staple for me but it's something I really look forward to on the days when I'm really in the mood for it.

miss sophie: you need to post of some your fuchsia moments on your blog soon!
Fashion Tidbits said…
I DEFINITELY adore mustard yellow too! how about trying a mint green this summer? just a suggestion.
Lindsay K said…
I love that turquoise color- so pretty. I like mustard yellow, but haven't tried it yet. Blush pink is one of my favorite colors for summer. I agree, I wear more color in the warm weather than in the winter.
Nicole said…
by the time winter is over, I crave bright colors like this and have to be careful not to look like a rainbow myself. However, by mid July when it's been hot for awhile I'm ready for taupe and grey and navy to come back into my life along with the cold they most often are worn in.
QuĂ© Acierto! said…
Really nice all of them. I love such outfit for daily summer time.

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