I used this bag to death after I received it as a birthday present in 2008, and it shows. It looks battered, there’s a hole where the corner of my laptop always rubbed it, and the colour has faded a bit – it hasn't quite been the same since I brought on a beach holiday where the sun and the saltwater got to it.

I loved the roominess, the cute balloon-like shape, and the bright colour, and I remember finding it incredibly practical for work and weekends.

I have since acquired a few more bags, and have been using this less frequently. In fact, I haven’t used it at all this year. So I thought I would revive it today and brought it out with much anticipation, having missed its cerulean hue.

30 minutes after I left the house, I wished I hadn't. I found the handles far too small to sit comfortably on my shoulder, compared to the generous shoulder straps of the other bags I’ve been using recently. I was annoyed I had to bring out a second pouch in my bag, because the bag has no internal pockets for the things I usually chuck in there, except for a small slot for my mobile phone. This being a yoga day, I was carrying my packed lunch in a separate carrier and I felt more cumbersome than usual because the bag did not hang securely from my shoulder.

I carried this bag almost every day for three years, without complaint. I still love the shape and colour, and I don't mind how worn it looks, but it lacks the ease I’m accustomed to from my other bags. I suppose the bag wasn't perfect to begin with (sidetrack: why are Longchamp Pliage bags so expensive when they don't hold up all that well?).

I still expect to find this bag reasonably useful to keep around (it folds away nicely for holidays and is perfect for the beach), but its staple days look to be over.

Isn’t it sad to grow out of things you once loved? What are some much-loved things you guys have grown out of?


Anonymous said…
I have a hard time letting go of my old music t-shirts. They are beat up, discolored from multiple washings and totally stretched out of shape but I just can't get rid of them. I have so many great memories attached to that time in my life. I've outgrown them for 10 years now and every year I am able to let go of one shirt to keep the pile as thin as possible but I will always keep a few around. They were very central at a phase of my life and I like to keep a token to tell stories about my wild days to my children in the future.
Alex said…
I don't think I have been thinking about style long enough to have grown out of anything, I don't even think I completely know my own style yet. But I dread the day I grow out of converse sneakers and being able to get away with very casual clothes. At least you have that lovely YSL bag to wear instead of this one = )
Nanashi said…
That color blue is very pretty, and yes I share the difficulty of letting go of things which are not as practical as what it seemed to be---I have this canvas bag with leather strap that I got from men's bag section in tokyo more than eight or nine years ago, only one internal pocket, and now it got holes in the corner and I have shoved in way too many things, but the leather part has worn in so beautifully. I don't think I can ever let go of it!

The other thing about organization, I tried looking for sub-pouch that I can simply toss in another bag that has the small things so the lack of pocket would not affect the use as much, it does somewhat help because it gives you a sense of more consistency (and my mom swears by the organization pouch from Muji).
The Waves said…
I have trouble letting go of things that for one reason or another have had an emotional significance to me; say, anything that used to belong to my mother or sister, old, stained t-shirts that I wore in the good ol' days when I used to go clubbing a lot, things I bought when I was on holiday... stuff like that.

Having emotional connections to at least some of my clothes makes me hopeful that not all of my style choices are meaningless and superficial. In this disposable world of ours, I really like the feeling you get when you don't want to throw something away.
Nicole said…
I just love that cerulean - I own at lest three garments in that color and love them. The one thing I can never seem to bear to get rid of is anything I've sewn that fit really well when I made it even if it's worn out or doesn't fit anymore. Just the fact that I made it makes me love it.
la fleur said…
Haha, I'm also so over these Longchamp-bags, but they are still laying in my wardrobe and always watching me, while I'm matching my outfit with my other bags ... ;)
If Jane said…
oh no..i have 4 Longchamp bags...and although they are not on rotation now..i still love them! (the truly do remind me of paris!)
and that is a fine shade of blue...i must add...;))
lin said…
Anon: I never bought any T-shirts at concerns I attended and now I regret it. I think if I had that much attachment to any item I wouldn't let go of them either.

Alex: I don't think I've grown out of this bag, style-wise, it's just somehow become less practical. That said, I've definitely worn some things I've happily left behind.

Nanashi: I can handle having one pouch in my bag for things I don't need to keep taking in and out of my bag, but I still need some kind of inner pocket for my phone and transport pass otherwise I go crazy.

The Waves: I agree, although I'm not much of a keeper when it comes to clothes. The things I have kept are mainly bags and jewellery that were gifts. I find that most of my things with sentimental value I manage to keep wearing or using them, and everything else I've given away I don't especially miss.

Nicole: I love the colour too, and it actually goes very well with nearly everything I own. I wish I made clothes that well....I lack the discipline to really knucnkle down to learn how to get good at it.

La Fleur: I think If I ever got another I would get the ones with the longer shoulder straps...but since they are not especially durable, I'm definitely going to think twice about it first. I still really love the shape. I'm also very fond of a Longchamp messenger bag that I use almost daily.

If Jane: Four! Wow. I love that they always make one a colour I love every season.
Garderoben said…
I had a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I loved and wore for years, it was my first designer bag. And just like that, I was ready to let it go, it just didn't feel right. Very strange, and a bit sad.
Anonymous said…
I always grow out of and then return to the pliage. ;) I saw a woman with a beautiful one today. The color makes all the difference in these bags. I love how light they are.
Right now I'm using a sturdy canvas tote with major structure.
I have a longchamp along on my trip now, as a carry-on tote.
I outgrew my converse.
Lindsay K said…
I love that color blue. I have the pilage with the longer strap. I used to get upset that they are everywhere, but it's the best bag for travel and I use mine as a gym bag. I bought it the curry color right before my trip to Hong Kong because I needed a tote. It's not even 4 months old and it's already ripping at the bottom from my laptop. If I purchase another this would be an outlet purchase.
lin said…
Garderoben: I know! I can only hope that this makes me think harder more than ever before I buy things. But I haven't quite given up on the Pliage yet - I feel like it could still come in useful...

Editor: I'm definitely still keeping this one - I like how light and waterproof they are too. I think the design is timeless - one with a longer strap would suit my lifestyle better though.

Lindsay K: I definitely would think twice about paying full price for them now - I suppose they're just not meant for laptops. My sister uses one in flat, oblong shape for her laptop that holds up well enough though...
Anonymous said…
It is sad! I recently purged my wardrobe of some sentimental clothes that reminded me of certain times. It even got me a bit teary!

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