summer days: shades

Photographer: Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist

Sunglasses = eye protection +cool. So much punch in a single accessory. I don't need to go into why they're necessary health-wise and fashion-wise on sunny days, do I?

I'm quite boring about this, my one idea of perfect sunglasses is the Ray Ban aviators. "Top Gun" got me young. It's a little badass, a little glamorous, utterly classic, and okay, it suits the shape of my face.

Also, I love the little Ray Ban convention in "Reservoir Dogs" where everyone is rocking some awesome design by the brand - Quention Tarantino is a big fan - the Wayfarer, the Clubmaster, the Predator.

Photograph from "Reservoir Dogs"

A close runner-up to aviators for me are Steve McQueen's Persol 0714 ones in "The Thomas Crown Affair". He loved them so much that he also wore them in "The Getaway", and in real life too. They are sporty, elegant, and have a dash of charm and wit. See how ridiculously good he looked hauling sacks of money.

Photograph from "The Thomas Crown Affair"

What's your favourite style of sunglasses?

Photographer: William Claxton

Pictures from the sartorialist, t magazine, laist, lexposure


Joy said…
Very cool! I have yet to find glasses that fit me this well :(
t said…
Great pics! I just got some Clubmaster lookalikes. :)
I can never get raybans to suit my face. I don't look for a particular style, but those oversized "jackie o" flatters my face.
Kate said…
I rock RayBan Clubmasters in tortoiseshell almost exclusively. They are the sunglasses for me.
Ammu said…
I love Ray-Bans but Tom Ford glasses suit me best. I have an oversized pair that goes with me everywhere.
lin said…
Joy: There are so many styles these days I'm sure you'll find one eventually. I like movies for inspiration, thought they don't necessarily fit...

t: I've associating Clubmasters with Mad Men, and I don't know why, haha. They have that nostalgic charm.

Pret a Porter P: So glamorous. Those just overwhelm my face though.

Kate: Clubmasters are great! They don't stay on my face though.

Ammu: Tom Ford makes such beautiful sunglasses. The price tag scares me off trying them on though, especially when the sales assistants look at me like I'm goign to break them.
heart in a cage said…
I'm afraid sunglasses don't suit me,Admin so I don't own a pair :p
I really like clubmasters though!
María said…
I really like the Persol and the Ray-Ban aviators. But my favourite model has to be the Letmosh from Moscot.
Milly said…
Raybans don't suit my face either unfortunately. I have an ancient pair of (very cheap)huge, tortoiseshell sunglasses that I hide behind! I LOVE the rayban convention picture from Reservoir Dogs, love that film and had never thought about it though they do all look super cool!
If Jane said…
i think the sunglasses that suit someone are the
lin said…
heart in a cage: Sunglasses are a recent thing for me, because I wear glasses every day. I started wearing them because I realised I was tiring my eyes out from squinting in the sun (it's sunny in Singapore), and especially when so when I go out to sea on holidays, which is often. So I got a prescription pair. It's really so much more soothing for my eyes when I;m under the sun now.

Maria: Cool, I think of Johnny Depp when I see those.

Milly: I think it was a friend who pointed it out to me. Love that movie too, I used to find all the pattering dialogue so comforting that I would just leave it playing on my laptop when I worked.

If Jane: Absolutely! Do you have a favourite style?
jennifer said…
My favorites are the Clubmasters, but unfortunately, they don't work with my face. I wear the tortoiseshell Illesteva Leonard 2, which are rounder and have a keyhole bridge. I'm also a big fan of the Karen Walker Harvest frames. They have a similar shape to the Illestevas, but with a metal bridge.
Aïssa said…
Just got tortoise Wayfarer! They're really perfect for me.

I alternate between my glasses and sunglasses and it's so funny the different kind of attention I get depending which one are on my nose!!
Definitely the 'new' wayfarer shape in tortoise shell. They're a little sleeker than the originals and I just love them. Got an awesome rip off pair from Paris too with leopard print arms :)
lin said…
Jennifer: I just looked up the Illestevas, very nice! All their sunglasses seem to have a very retro feel.

Aissa: I love tortoiseshell frames, my sister has a pair of the Wayfarers and they look great on her, alas, not on me.

I alternate friends agree the sunglasses make me a look lot more "don't mess with me" than my regular glasses.

La Fille Mal Gardee: I don't tire of the Wayfarers, no matter how commonplace they are. But I definitely prefer them in classic colours than the bright hipster ones all the rage a few years ago.
Lindsay K said…
Sunglasses mask a multitude of sins. It's always amazing that a pair of sunglasses and a little lip gloss looks polished even if you have no makeup on.

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