travel + fashion = love

Magazine: Vogue US March 2007
Photographer: Mario Testino
One of my favourite travel-themed editorials ever. I find that US Vogue does them very well, in that the setting is always gorgeous and a place I actually find myself wanting to visit, and the fashion always hits th right note with me - fantasy grounded by practicality and always in harmony with the location itself.
I was very keen on visiting Morocco this year and had planned a detour from Spain, but dropped it in the end since it didn't seem to do justice to Morocco by being so touch and go about the whole thing. So since I'm not going, it seemed appropriate to at least gaze at these, and get myself excited before I lug myself to the airport.


-h said…
i like editorials that are about travel. however, i do find natalia's us vogue editorials to be quite boring, at least this one isnt of her in a forest with a fairy tale theme AGAIN. her "diane keaton" outfit is quite nice though.
enc said…
Very beautiful. I'd love to have a travel experience like that.
fashionaddict said…
-h - yes, love the crisp whites. US Vogue needs to do more stuff like this, rather than the fairy tale fantasy concepts -- waste of a good model like natalia.

enc - i'm still hoping it will happen.

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