I got all misty-eyed about Phoebe Philo a while back, and was feeling pretty excited seeing about her collection for Céline. Maybe I'm biased, being a big fan, but I adored what I saw -

There's so much of the chic, simple riffs on classics like the looks she showed in her resort collection, and it all feels fresh and interesting to the eye, but still easy to wear. And while I couldn't love some of her collections for Chloé which felt too twee (this was when the baby doll dresses and wedges combo became big), Céline's house has a sportswear tradition which I guess call for a more sober aesthetic.
Ah whatever, my brain is too tired today to overthink this.
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the divinitus said…
I was curious what she came up with, and its promising for the Celine; But I still miss her in Chloe...
enc said…
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enc said…
I wasn't happy with my previous comment, so I deleted it.

I think the minimalism displayed here is just right. I love pared-down shapes that allow cut and fabric to shine.

I agree with you that some of the previous work was "twee," so this is really clean and refreshing to me.
Ammu said…
The draping is just gorgeous. Grown-up, sexy and yet so easy. Love the electric blue dress.
fashionaddict said…
the divinitus - i especially liked the bags during her time at chloé. but it is interesting to see how she's matured into her next phase at céline.

enc - yep. everyone seemed to be trying for safe, tasteful clothing this season but only céline made it seem new and with character. i wanted to become a 'céline' woman, haha.

ammu - exactly, i want to see and touch these clothes in person.

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