a barrage of things that make me feel better - because i'm worth it

I loathe working on a weekend, particularly when the past week has felt less like work and more like a minefield of shitholes waiting trip me up and make me feel worthless and completely wrong for my career.

With the Internet as my only refuge as I while away a day of mindless tasks, I mine it for what I can for things to add a little sunshine to the dishrag-misery of my day.

I took comfort in the fact that I can go to work in shapeless jeans and wrinkled t-shirts -

I thought about how nice to have rooms like Tom Wolfe's in my dream home some day -
I admired the beautifully-composed details of Tommy Ton's world; some of his photos could be poetry -
I decided that this could be my favourite Sartorialist shot because it captured two of my favourite things in the world in one shot -
I ogled the sophisticated, cinematic perfection of Alber Elbaz's latest collection for Lanvin -
Okay I feel better now.


enc said…

I see why you like all these images.

I especially love the ones of the woman holding the caramel-colored clutch, and the one of the two people's dark-wash jeans with caramel-colored shoes.
fashionaddict said…
yes, so delicious.
Anonymous said…
the women's shoes on the right (in the shoe picture), the modified mary janes meet men's shoes, those i would reallllly like to know the origins of.
-h said…
i really like the flowy blouses with the oversized pockets. beautiful.

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