This over gowns and dresses, any time. It's tricky to polish up a pair of trousers and a simple top though, the line dividing chic from slob is a fine one. I would want to wear it exactly like this, no jewellery and simple hair and little or no make-up.

This bit of magic is by Haider Ackermann by the way. His spring collection is a thing of beauty, all the lean, softly sculptural lines he's known for, his women strong, elegant, subtle. Unlike the Rick Owens collection, he parsed away unnecessary flourishes and let the pieces shine. (I still liked Rick Owens, but what was with those awkward jagged tunics? The collection would be lovely without them.)

Image from style.com


enc said…
I like Owens, but I usually feel intimidated by the rough/pointy aspects of his work. This H.A. collection is a bit softer, while still being tough, so I like it a bit better.
fashionaddict said…
yes, intimidated is the word! it's almost clique-ish, even though i'm drawn to it.

i wonder if haider ackermann can move past the rick owens comparisons.

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