cold, but not really

I'm pulling out the long-sleeves, the woolly things, things generally I find too warm to wear in Singapore, and setting them aside as things to bring to Spain. I'm terrible at dressing for the cold, especially when the temperature is ranging pretty widely on this trip, and I'm never sure if I'm packing enough.

It would in fact be better if it were freezing - that means coat and that's it - but when it's just not quite there, I'm left worrying whether my amateur layering skills will suffice in keeping me toasty.

Only one way to find out I suppose. Tuesday, please come already?


Ammu said…
Have fun! As long as you are taking one linen cardi/wrap, a wool cardi/wrap, a light wool jacket and a bunch of scarves, you will be fine - in London we are still having 17 degree days, so I am sure it won't get too cold in Spain.
Rachel said…
Enjoy yourself! :)
fashionaddict said…
Ammu: Thanks for the advice, definitely going to filter out a few things now, and pack a few more of others.

Rachel: I will!
-h said…

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