Irving Penn, 1917 - 2009

Vessels, shown in 2008

He was famous for his fashion photography, but it was his still lifes that really got me. I'm going to miss seeing the work of Irving Penn in US Vogue -- always one of the great pleasures of the magazine.

Cholesterol's revenge, New York, 1984

Dandelion, New York, 1973

This is one of the first photos by Mr Penn I have ever seen, I only found out it was by him may years later.

Bee on lips, Vogue December 1995

I also found out that he was responsible for many of the elegant and fresh Clinique ads that seemed so different from the made-up perfection of many cosmetics ads.

He will be missed.

Images from various sources on google images


Ammu said…
Lovely post - Irving Penn was my favourite fashion photographer, after Avedon. The spareness of his pictures - how they manage to be elegant and sensuous, without seeming contrived in the least. R.I.P.
enc said…
I loved his Vogue work, too. All of his work, really.
fashionaddict said…
agreed! seeing his work in vogue for such a long time made me feel like he would always be there.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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