black beauty

I've always thought wearing black on black is an art form, because of the way black looks different on different fabrics and the wrong match looks awful - one fabric ends up looking richer than the other, whichs ends up looking drab.

Then there's the fact that a black top and black trousers are default staff outfits commonly seen in hairdressing salons, restaurants, boutiques, bars, etc etc and a poorly thought out all-black outfit can make you end up looking like you work, rather than patronise, one of the abovementioned places. Which can be embarrassing because, no, I don't particularly feel like getting you another drink.

Hence, I don't wear too much black, because I always opt for the easy way out, when it comes to dressing myself.

So when I saw this editorial in French Vogue, I was intrigued. I lingered over it, looked at it close up, read the accompanying captions, and admired the infinite range of texture captured in one outfit, in that colour that is technically an absence of colour - black.

(And modelled by the wonderfully expressive Kristen McMenamy!)

Magazine: Vogue France October 2009
Photographer: David Sims
Scanned by diorette


Lauren said…
I love these images. You're very right about black on black being a tricky combo. I do think it helps that these are soooo texturally rich, though, and that the photographs are in black and white, thus eliminating black-matching problems.


Veronicahhh said…
kristen is f'ing amazing!!

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