work in progress

A while back I went to the Club 21 Bazaar sale to oogle Marni and Dries Van Noten dresses that were STILL out of my price range even with heavy discounts, and found myself quite free after a while, having spotted nothing I was willing to part with cash for.

Then I spotted a huge pile of jeans at the Blackjack corner and an idea formed - I would find myself a pair of men's jeans and maybe get them tailored (if necessary) into the slouchy slim style I've been craving.

I didn't actually find a pair of men's jeans I liked, but then I found a pair of women's Sevens, bootcuts yes, but in the soft, distressed wash I can't never resist. They were size 31, one or two sizes up from my usual, and I figured the soft denim will only stretch and expand further after wearing and washing. I could take in the leg at the calf to make it a tapered cut, and I would have my slouchy jeans, in an awesome material, exact to my specifications.

So here they are, worn rolled up -

They're not quite as baggy at the butt and thighs as I like yet, but walking around in them I'm pretty confident they will eventually stretch into the degree of slouch I want.

To a work in progress.


Lucy said…
love them!
yanqin said…
July Stars said…
Sweet blog you have here! Thanks for the comment the other day. Where are you from? x
yanqin said…
Sunny singapore :)

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