out of character

I like prints, but I don't buy too much of it, because it's rare for me to find one that prompts me to open my wallet.

And yet today, walking through Platinum Mall, a wholesale shopping mall in Bangkok, I found myself thoroughly distracted and a tad trigger-happy about opening my wallet. If I wasn't quite in control of my shopping impulses, I was at least fiscally responsible - only one of the items cost more than S$15.

Print item #1 - the mumsy floral

My first floral purchase since 2006.

Print item #02 - the indecipherable graphic

It's two big squares with holes for sleeves in a nice lightweight non-clingy knit - meaning it's really really comfortable.

Print item #03 - the "makes me laugh" print

I think it needs no explanation.

I continued my out-of-character behaviour by taking time off from eating off a street cart once today. I had gone to Central Chitlom (a department store) to hunt for underwear when I spotted an outpost of Angelina in a corner -

I skipped Angelina when I visited Paris but heard much gushing about their famed Mont Blancs and to-die-for hot chocolate, so decided maybe it was a good spot for some peace and quiet.

Well a touch of Paris in Bangkok it was not, atmosphere-wise, since you can't fail to notice you're in a generic department store with the open concept of the place.

Food-wise though, it scored. The hot chocolate was perfect, thick velvet-smooth molten stuff you can't never seem to find outside of Europe. I skipped the Mont Blanc and went for a tarte citron, which was tangy-sweet, light, with a crumbly buttery base and made a nice counterpoint to the weight of the hot chocolate.

Not being the type to photograph food obsessively, this shot was the best I could do. As usual, by the time I thought to snap a picture to show my family, it was already half gone.

Back to Singapore tomorrow then.


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