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Elle UK and I, we're really developing a fledging relationship here. I picked up a copy of the August issue at the airport for some in-flight reading (my second-ever issue) and I was surprisingly happy with it, despite the 'cover your eyes' Emma Watson cover.

So Elle and I, we're hitting it off because:

+ I like the scrappy, 'this is what we like' feel - it feel like a selection of things that they actually think their readers will like, rather than just a presentation of pretty/hip things. It's something to do with the clean and uncluttered but diary-like layout.

+ It seems to have hit the sweet spot for me, fashion-wise - it's a good mix of what's current without being too trendy, it's not too niche (I'm thinking Lula here), it's not too high-end, not too avant-garde, not too hipster. There's a bit of what to wear, a bit of what people are wearing, and some lovely editorials. The section on work-wear is the ONLY workwear section I've ever seen that is at all relevant to me. It's things that actually make sense to my life.

+ There's an article on Channing Tatum. Anyone featuring Channing Tatum is showing good taste (he's one reason why I bought GQ this month too). That man is just strangely appealing in a way I can't explain.

- They had an editorial this month on the six "key wearable looks" for women this season, and I own them all and wear them the way it's styled, which makes me feel affirmed and persuaded that this could be one magazine I relate to.

It's not perfect in that my reaction to Elle UK is still uneven and I think the articles could be better (Elle US still does better features and interviews). And what's up with the Emma Watson cover? Is she ready for a woman's mag cover? Does she have to look like that when she obviously hasn't developed the panache to pull it off?

But there's lots of promise in this relationship, that much I'll say.


Gold Sphere said…
I love these images, really good!!!
Thanks for sharing.
I have a new blog btw,
the search for chic
fashionaddict said…
hello, and i had been wondering when you'd resurface :)

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