what i want - bookshelves with ladders

Went to hunt for bookshelves a few weeks back, and had a moment of fantasising about rooms full of books I love, painstaking bought and devoured over and over again over the years. Hence this entry in my mood book.
I remember watching the Disney cartoon ''Beauty and the Beast" as a child, and my favourite scene was when the Beast gave Belle a whole library as a gift, a token of his love. I remember the floor-to-ceiling shelves and Belle swinging along them on sliding ladders. What envy shot through my heart!
These days I know I don't particularly want to climb up and down to find my books - I like things within reach in plain sight - but as a fantasy, an extravagance, a privilege, I would still love to have the space for floor-to-ceiling books, and a sliding ladder of my own to swish from shelf to shelf, running a finger over well-worn book spines to find that book I love.


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