wolf girl

It's okay if I'm the two-millionth person to blog about the Prada fall/winter lookbook, because it is that awesome. I liked the collection very much when it was shown, but the loobook presents a much, much more thrilling look at clothes through the eyes of someone who looked at the tall skinny girls walking around and saw another fantasy world altogether. It's like the right words were said and spell was cast and we're looking at a Prada fairy tale which the merchandise is incidental.

I love love love the wolf-head picture above, because wolves are my second favourite animals (topping the list is the elephant) and I already have a sketch of a wolf tattoo I want to get next year. That picture will make a wonderful tattoo.

Just a couple more I love -

The rest of the lookbook can be seen here via fashionologie.
Images taken from fashionologie


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