nailed it

I have to say, I really love these shoes, which are incredibly comfortable and seem to go with everything. Studs are usually a 'fierce' thing and yet on these ballerinas, they are downright demure.

And yes demure was the order of the day for me. I really like the plain-ness of this dress, how it's almost deliberately drab. I have never quite been able to photograph myself in this dress in a way that expresses what I love about it.

(I usually wear this dress with my oxfords when I am at work, or with sandals when I want to dress it down, but I wasn't really thinking when I was packing.)

So the hard part of my trip is over, so to speak. To say it was a learning experience puts it mildly, and I feel somewhat more motivated to get back to work now, since the workshop has given me some ideas I think I can put to use at work. I met my peers from South-east Asia , plus a couple of guys from Japan and Korea, and it's made me realise how insular the scope of my work really is.

To put the Singapore experience against the realities of countries I have only visited a tourist, and to meet the people who care passionately about them...let's just say whenever the word 'Asean' now has a whole new different meaning for me.


mode.ulation said…
Gorgeous ballerina flats you have! Where did you get them from?
fashionaddict said…
They're from Zara, a lucky buy during the sale :) Zara makes great ballet flats.

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