swim fan

Could I have finally found the swimsuit I've been looking for, at Target of all places? I'm months late, but this MCQ for Target bikini is ticking all the right boxes - cool, athletic design; nothing remotely resort-y about it; looks like it will hold up if I decide to cannonball off a boat; not exorbitantly priced. It's not longer on the Target website (I didn't even know Alexander McQueen did a line for Target??) but I may have found it on ebay, just not too sure the size is right.

I hate shopping online because I hate not trying on something and feeling something before I pay for it, and buying bikinis are bloody iffy as it is. But I like the suit so much that I think I may actually take the plunge, and cross my fingers that it won't be a disappointment. At least there's a returns policy.

Image taken from nitrolicious


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