a question of self

Most of the time, I'm settled into how I like to dress and rarely deviate when shopping or dressing from what I usually like and know I like.

But from time to time, I come across something that makes me go, "Oh, I'd like to be that." Case in point: the style of Brune de Margerie (showcased in French Vogue) -

Hers is an elegant, sophisticated polished chic rather different from my casual-and-even-more casual style. But whenever I wished for a more pulled together me, Ms Margerie's style comes to mind. I'm especially sold on the way she's wearing the trouser suit. If I wore trouser suits, they would look like that.

The appeal lies in the way it's not completely unattainable, because she has a slightly element of low-keyness that I can identify with. I feel like I can almost look like this if I made some effort. In contrast, I could not ever ever pull off the Carine Roitfeld look, no matter how much eyeliner I apply or how many Alaias I wear.

Anyway, her style is a fun deviation from the usual suspects whose style I admire (eg Sofia Coppola, Charlotte Gainsbourg).

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