the list - #8. 9, 10, 11, 12

Quite sobering to see that the trousers/jeans/shorts alone already constitute 12 items on the list. I haven't even started on skirts, though there are less than a handful of those.

I lived in these in university -

I bought them in 2003, and I'm still loving them. They have a jogging trouser shape, which makes them incredibly comfortable, but it's possible to dress them up for work.

These are the perfect capris. Nicely fitted and hits the calf, so it looks a bit retro. I haven't even looked at other capris since I bought these in 2005.

My latest trouser acquisition, bought last year. I think these are the "trendiest" things I own - they fall under the category of what magazines term as the Trouser - tailored but loose at the hip and thighs, fitted at the ankle.

They're very comfortable and versatile and one of my few concessions to "work"clothes - before I started working I would have considered these too formal and irrelevant to my life.

My tailored black shorts, very worn out but I love them too much to throw them out and I haven't found a replacement. I might get them tailor made by my tailor in Bangkok the next time I visit.

Another college staple: my cropped cargos. I loved the baggy silhouette they create and can't imagine why I haven't been wearing these more. They're a tad too casual for the office but I should start wearing them again on the weekends.

That rounds up the trousers. A couple of things I had lying around didn't make the cut - wide leg cords, grey tweed boy-cut trousers, a pair of 70s' style denim shorts I'm still debating, a pair of skinny ankle-length trousers. Some of those will definitely go.


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