brought to life

First there was this nice profile on The Sartorialist of this woman whose outfit I greatly admire -

Then today I saw this profile of Garance Dore on Refinery29 and I realised that this woman, whose outfits I always admire on The Sartorialist, IS Garance Dore -

She has awesome style, the kind of effortless casual chic that always catches my attention, and she wears things with an easy grace.

I love street style blogs and I love it even more even when I get a glimpse of who these people actually are. A bit like like watching a painting come to life. Or just move a bit. I like this aspect of fashion when it's seen on living people.

Anyway, while we're on the subject, I was reading Scott Schuman's tribute on the The Sartorialist to his father, Earl Schuman, who passed away last week. Father and son looked extraordinarily alike, and the elder Schuman was one very stylish man indeed. It's a wonderful tribute and inspiration. Best wishes to Mr Schuman and his family during this trying time.

Images from the sartorialist


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