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These round up my collection of jeans, all of which I wear regularly. They also constitute roughly 70 per cent of the bottoms I own and wear.

These are the latest addition to the wardrobe - purchased because I love the dark/faded wash and super soft denim -

These are the same cut as these, but in a stiff dark denim, which makes it look pretty different -

One of my few boot cut jeans still in rotation, these are a very slight boot cut, and it's one of my favourite washes ever, and the proportions (the width of the waistband, the pockets) are perfect and seriously flattering -

The second of my straight/bootcuts, these are one of my oldest pairs of jeans, and my first pair of Diesels. I LOVE Diesel denim but they've gotten ridiculously expensive -

The dark skinny - indispensable in my wardrobe, to be replaced if worn out, pronto. If most of my other jeans were purchased for aesthetic reasons beyond basic practicality and need, these are the exception.

After I purchased the first pair above last year, I felt like my denim needs were pretty complete, in that I didn't really feel the urge to buy any more pairs. Usually when I reach this state of satisfaction with a particular group of items, the urge to shop just disappears, like it was never there. I have only ever achieved this state with jeans and bags. Dresses are the hardest, no matter how wonderful each dress of mine, I always feel as if something is missing, or just not quite right yet. Perhaps I am simply not a dress person, dresses are just a distraction, and distractions can't be perfected?


nanashi said…
I went through the same phase with the denim obsession, once you're settled with what you love you just won't flirt with any other style. Nice collection of jeans!
yanqin said…
Exactly. And thanks!

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