the fragrant harbour

I love Hong Kong. The food rocks, for starters. And it has qualities of a place I see myself living in.

Here are some snaps we took over the past five days. We actually spent most of our time hunting down restaurants and eating places so there wasn't much time to take photos.

That's me, admiring my daily morning egg tart. Egg tarts in Singapore, with one or two notable exceptions, SUCK. We don't get egg tarts right here.

Neither do we get wontons right. You can throw a rock in any direction in Hong Kong and it will land at an eatery with superb wontons.

We always go to Lantau Island. It is hideously touristy now, with this Disneyland-resque "village" below the hill. But these things happen.

My sister and I also shopped a little. I didn't actually want to buy anything, I really thought it was about time I stopped buying new stuff, but I also thought it was a bit pointless to be depriving myself on a holiday.

I wound up with two new pairs of shoes (necessities, will mean I can throw out another two pairs of dying shoes), a grey jersey sleeveless tunic with chiffon panels, a grey tee with a cute owl on the front (both too cute to pass up), and a black cotton shift (a long desired staple, finally found). My sis and I decided that we thought about what to buy a lot more than we used to when we shopped on holidays, where we tended to buy anything we faintly fancied. I am especially chuffed with the shoes, because shoes are always so darn difficult to buy but I found two very good pairs.

Anyway, it was a great trip, and I'm really depressed to be going back to the office tomorrow. But well, there's Japan coming up in July (asuming I can afford it!). Hello Fuji Rock Festival!


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