new additions to the shoe family from Hong Kong

These were ridiculously cheap, less than S$20, and I have my doubts about their durability, but I love the design and they are so comfortable. They're a little like these Clarks I've always liked, but can't seem to pull off because they look incredibly awkward and clumsy on me.

My second shoe buy was, incidentally, a pair of Clarks -

I have craved the perfect pair of flat Oxfords for ages, but could never find the right pair. These are fantastically made and so so so comfortable, and I love the blush/nude colour. Plus the laces are grosgrain and the lining is a cushy champagne satin. They also have a sturdiness I find reassuring - I wear out my shoes very very fasy because I do a lot of walking.

On the same shopping trip, I decided against a pair of quilted leather Repettos. I was quite prepared to splurge on a pair of good shoes. But they are just comfortable enough, but not THAT comfortable and no matter how much I love perfect ballet flats, I just think they're more about the label than anything else.

This sentiment was amplified when I found a shop that sold their own label leather goods, and they had PERFECT ballet flats, beautifully made and very comfortable, for a very reasonable S$100. BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE MY SIZE IN THE BLACK, CREAM OR GREY. Bugger. If I had gotten my hands on those, I would declare Hong Kong shoe heaven.


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