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This is not the same as these. It is short-sleeved, long, slouchy, and falls under my section of clothing called 'layering devices', which I add on to my outfits to a) hide my back tattoo from work-related conservatives; and b) layer in tropical weather without overheating and passing out.

These are the least-functional items in my closet, things I buy because I like the flow of layering and silhouette they make.

This long vest is one of my best buys ever, goes over everything with ease, and when it billows in the wind, I feel jauntier.

I love this grey top for its sheerness -

My scarf-shrug thing -

The grey woolly vest meant to replace a grey woolly vest that just vanished one day, like that. It was not quite perfect - my sister bought it for me, because she was probably responsible for the mysteriously vanishing of the original perfect grey woolly vest - but I found that I do like the boxy fit and the fact that it remain boxy even when buttoned up. Also very lightweight and sheer.


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