be kind, rewind

There's been this surge of 90s' love going around the blogs, whether consciously - straight out declaring their love for the era - or unconsciously - people who happen to be wearing stuff that evokes the 90s'.

Since I did come of age in the 90s, it got me thinking about what I remember from the period. And what I miss about the 90s are these -

Obviously, Calvin Klein advertising left a deep impression. I would wear any of this stuff now.

I also remember plaid shirts - worn open over a tank top - and baggy jeans and were the coollest, and Reeboks and Doc Martens were the ultimate footwear of choice. The feminine girls liked Ferregamo bow headbands, and scrunchies were normal. I remember skorts - not a great look , but a great compromise at six 10 between my mum and I, since she wanted me in skirts and I wanted shorts. I remember wearing denim shorts with tie-dye t-shirts when I was 9 or 10. I remember seeing bicycle shorts worn with gigantic Day-Glo T-shirts. I remember overalls, a trend I did not love because it seemed so juvenile. Guess jeans and Calvin Klein Jeans were the coolest purveyors of denim - I really really wanted a CK denim jacket and I wanted to BE the CK One ads. Cropped tops were for the daring girls. There were long slip dresses, usually floral, worn over t-shirts and with hiking boots - I'll keep the slipdresses and skip everything else.

Designers that left an impression - which I discovered from flipping through the expensive magazines at my mother's tailor - Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Ann Demeulemeester.

And the models - Kate Moss, Guinevere, Stella Tennant, Carolyn Murphy, Shalom Harlow, Karen Elson, Amber Valleta, Jenny Shimizu - they had these great faces and expressiveness that could stand on their own when stripped bare of frills. They were not glamorous, they were cool. Claudia, Cindy, Linda etc were famous and lovely too, but they did not enthrall me.

Oh, to reminisce. I've looked elsewhere for inspiration ever since, but these were the foundations of my fashion awakening, and I like to think they remain in my DNA somewhere.

Images from a website that has since ceased to exit. How to credit?


enc said…
I suppose you could just name the site, and not worry about providing the URL.

I remember so much from the '90s, but it seems to be slipping away. Photos help me to recall.
Anonymous said…
until very recently, i don't think i was aware of how much earlier stuff influenced my ongoing dialog with and reaction to fashion.
k said…
Oh...marky mark in those klein undies. Nobody did it better. I was living in NYC and he was postered on EVERYTHING! God, he was gorgeous.
fashionaddict said…
Sometimes I like taking stock, wondering why I fall for certain things and skip over others. An especially pleasant train of thought when I idle over breakfast.

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