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I don't think I've ever fallen for anything in the collections Kate Moss designed for Topshop. Until now. Which just goes to show you can't write anything off because sometimes you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Which means I should stop snorting whenever I see pictures of anything from Kira Plastinina. Anyway, these are from the fall collection Ms Moss did for fall, and specifically, I am loving the fringe-y jacket in the first picture, and the fuzzy vest in the second. I love the way it adds volume and texture to any outfit, and I wished I live somewhere cold enough to wear this stuff.

And I'm on something kind of blogging roll - five posts today - must be the caffeine.

Images from the daily mail


gameshowtheory said…
very cool indeed... you should check out Kira's latest stuff, she just posted some new dresses that are too cute ;)
jo said…
hahahah kira plastinina. mixed feelings about her!

i love the styling for this new moss collection - i have to work my striped pants to that effect haha
fashionaddict said…
haha, i am just fascinated about how money create a mini-fashion horrifically indulgent.

the styling for this collection is cooler than the previous ones, has a stronger identity somehow.

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