Took off to Pulau Redang - an island off the east coast of Malaysia - for a bit of diving on Thursday, and just got back. It was two full days spent mostly underwater (I saw my first turtle, got a glimpse of my first shark), and all was wonderful, except for some very very very very very nasty sandfly bites I picked up somewhere, which now cover my arms...I shall spare you guys the gruesome details. It does mean I shall need to resort to plenty of long sleeves until the bites heal (that takes weeks, I'm allergic to sandflies), and I'll probably be in NO mood whatsoever for wardrobe diary shots, haha.

Will be popping off for another dive trip the coming weekend...we're trying to enjoy what's left of the dive season at this part of the world before the monsoons start. I will be bringing plenty of insect repellent this time.


enc said…
I'm sorry to hear of your bites, they sound awful. I hope you recover soon, and that you have a great trip this weekend!

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