monday ramble

I have been lazy with the wardrobe diary-ing, but they're all along the lines of this** anyway. There were some good moments with the new tulip skirt that has bloomed in my closet, but I was er, too lazy to snap them. I don't know why this wave of inertia has come over me - I think being efficient and on the ball at work makes me fall apart outside of it. Multi-tasking is not my strong suit.

**This is not to say I don't love this outfit. The t-shirt is amongst the most comfortable I own and I love the grey, and these jeans are the best 19 euros I'd ever spent and the jeans-and-t-shirt combo is my all-time favourite combo ever invented.


enc said…
I hope your "laziness" passes soon!
Michael said…
Very smart outfit.

I know it's stupid, but it depresses me just a little bit to notice that you're blogging this on Monday morning, and I'm still trying desperately to believe that it will stay Sunday forever.

Ah well.

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