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Interesting that I can post, but I can't open other blogs to post or read, though I can view them on Google Reader. Ah well.

Quite a bit of time landed on my hands today, so much so that I could linger over what I wanted to wear this morning, and even take a few photos so that I can indulge myself by blogging all about it, hah.

I stood there thinking, should I go with the comfy, somewhat nerdy look of the cardigan, or the snappier blazer thing? Is the blazer better unbuttoned? Am I totally looking unnervingly like a man?

I went for the cozy cardigan thing in the end.

Getting dressed on the go has never been a problem for me, mainly because I'm the sort happy to wear the same thing (or things that look the same) every day. All I need is for my clothes to be clean, to pack well, and to look reasonably nice.

Short trips give me the indulgence to pack more, but I find it easiest to pack with an outfit in mind for each day, especially for work trips. Because this trip called for some degree of formality, I caved in and bought that Zara blazer I blogged about here. Just as well since it's cold and crisp in China, so the blazer proved to be a perfectly practical buy as well.

For six days in China, I packed:
- a black blazer
- a black knit pull over
- a black knit long cardigan
- a black jersey top with attached shirt collar and cuffs
- a pair of black slim-fit trousers
- a black pencil skirt
- a white ribbed cotton t-shirt
- a white ribbed cotton tank
- a white cotton poplin shirt
- a cream embroidered cap-sleeved blouse
- a grey jersey sleeveless dress with a bubble hem

I carried one of those Longchamp totes, wore my Converses on the plane, packed a pair of gold flats, and brought a colourful pashmina for warmth, and er, colour.

I definitely packed more than I needed, but like I said, short trips let you indulge a bit.


enc said…
What a concise shopping list. I know you think you packed more than you needed, but at least you had selections that made sense and offered you choices.

I like the blazer AND the cardi.
fashionaddict said…
Thanks! I'm used to backpacker travel, so I have the backpacker mentality of packing light light light.

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