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The devil finds work for idle hands. During those curiously free moments in the last four days, I found myself shopping at Tesco's and looking for some fun reading material. I found this, and wasn't intrigued -

But the pull-over cover for their Olympics section was -

As in it turned out, most of the content was a bit bleah, except for an interesting story about a biopic by Chen Kaige of "Mei Lanfang", about a famed Beijing opera star. I'm not not all that knowledgable about Chinese opera in general, but I've always found it wonderfully symbolic in its movement and its way of using music and sound for effect. It's also a dying art form in Singapore so anything that celebrates it and treats it like an art form like it is is worth paying attention to.

Anyway, I also found time to buy a rather overpriced dress in some obscure clothing shop. I wouldn't normally pay S$40 for a dress of this quality but then I was really bored and I like the easy, playful vibe of the dress.


enc said…
That dress was made for you! Well, not exactly, but it looks just like "you."
fashionaddict said…
Thanks! :)

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