I know it's pretty boring to yammer on about the spring shows, and say things like "oh that was very nice" (as if the images of the show weren't already seen and commented by anyone with an interest in them) but you know, some of it is really nice and I feel like saying it.

Anyway, I had no strong feelings for the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, but the shoes were awesome! In these times of crazy heels, I LOVE an interesting flat/low-heel. Fierce shoes are hot, and but these are far more my sort of thing. Weird enough without being too much of a statement, and comfy-looking. I wonder how far out of my budget these are.

(And it's very amusing to see how models have less-than-perfect feet outside of editorials. All these detail shots are an abundance of bruised toenails, flaky skin, bunions, and blisters.)

Images from style.com


enc said…
I must have that print paddock boot.

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