why so difficult?

I've been on a shoe hunt. A beloved pair of flats (see above) are slowly but surely unravelling, and I need to replace them, because they're the ones I find myself reaching for every time I'm heading out the door. They're simple, chic, comfortable, inexpensive, the perfect end to every outfit I throw on, regardless of occasion. They're also made of full leather, and make my large, graceless feet look elegant. I NEED them. It pains me to say that I haven't been able to find something quite like it. Oh sure, I could blow about $200 for a pair from London Sole, but frankly, when my pay cheque looks like that, it's not a good idea. I bought those from Topshop, and yes Topshop has something like it this season, but only in gold, and I don't want gold. I want cream. Ivory. Not white, not nude, not camel, not patent, not satin, not croc-embossed. Simple cream leather. I remember reading about Vanessa Bruno somewhere, and she said she made "easy clothes for difficult" girls. That's me, shopping-wise. A basic tank top is too long, too short, the straps are too thin, too thick, the shape of the neckline is wrong, the material is too sheer, too clingy, the colours are wrong, the list is endless. Girls like me need safe retreats when shopping. When I want a ribbed cotton tank, I know I can count on the ones at Topshop because I like the fit. When I want some nice cotton knits in neutral colours, I head for Muji (which are also good for tunics and shifts). When I want jeans, I go to Diesel, or Mango when I'm on a budget. I mourn the demise of Country Road because they always had the most perfect, chic items that are on trend, but not trendy, and the fabrics are excellent. When I really want to splurge, I run to Vanessa Bruno (natch) and APC. These shops give me the strength to shop, the confidence to go walking into shops less likely to stock anything I even remotely want, because I know I have a back-up plan somewhere. So it's really important that I find such a safe retreat for shoes. And this post has reminded me of what a neurotic I am.


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